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My Latest Article in The Garage!

13 Apr

I’ve recently become quite active in The Garage, a community of independent filmmakers within  In fact, I’ve been asked to contribute at least two articles a month for the “Production Notes” section in The Garage, where filmmakers discuss their current projects.

Please take a moment to read my most recent article, Don’t Orphan Your Film-Child,  in which I discuss the purpose for and the hidden benefits I’ve discovered along the way.

And if you are able, join and explore the site – it’s fantastic!




Watch My Short Film in The Garage!

6 Apr

My short film, Fade to Red, is now screening in The Garage on

The Garage is a thriving on-line community of progressive filmmakers and I am privileged to be included.  In fact, I have been asked to contribute two articles a month discussing the production of my current film, which chronicles.

Please check out Fade to Red in The Garage and explore the site.  And I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section of this page.


Still images from Fade to Red.


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