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Girlfriend 19 on Amazon.com

20 Jan

My first feature film, Girlfriend 19, is now on Amazon.com!

It truly would mean a lot if you gave Girlfriend 19 a viewing and a rating/review.

It’s free to view for Amazon Prime members and only $1.99 for a 7-day rental for all others.

Friends, family, and colleagues will always be the foundation of my filmmaking career. Thank you for your support!!!



“Mariachi Band” by Claire Holley

27 Aug

Take a break & enjoy this beautiful song performed by Claire Holley, produced by Tom Provost, and filmed by me…


9 Aug

As I hone in on photography, I decided yesterday to step in front of the lens.

It was good for me; a reminder of the vulnerability a camera lens invokes.

I’ve been wanting to learn the “grunge” look in Photoshop and thought a self-portrait was as good a time as any other. Thanks to Manni for his tutorial!


Life Has Been Tough

20 Jul

Not entirely tough – everyday I remind myself how lucky I am in many ways, especially regarding my family.

It’s been quite some time since my last post because I went to Indiana for 3 weeks to work on my current feature film project. It was both good and bad…

I’ve also been working on my photography with plans of working for-hire in the near future.

I’ll post more about my IN trip in the coming weeks, but, in the meantime, check out these finished photos of my grandmother, Josephine, which I captured yesterday and developed today.


Economy of Asking

23 May

As I continue to produce my feature film, I’ve been asking for advice, help, and insight from many people, mostly via email and Facebook.

It’s generally easy to ask for help on the internet – it’s impersonal and unobtrusive. This makes me wonder: has the “economy of asking” changed due to the internet? In other words, because it’s easier to ask online, are more people asking? And if more people are asking, are more people living audaciously?

On the flip side, during the telephone days and face-to-face days before that, was there less audacity? More audacity? Because it takes more courage to make an ask over the phone or in person, were fewer people boldly going forth?

Not sure if the devalued economy of asking is a good thing or not. Maybe the higher need for courage to ask over the phone or in person weeded out hacks and wannabes.

What do you think?


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